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Pibbles Dressup 1.1.1 Update

Pibbles Dressup has been updated to 1.1.1. Find it at:

Thank you for the support.

Change Log:


  • Reordered buttons slightly

  • Added new clothes, some backports from Leonard Dressup, but still fitting on Pibbles: Belt with gold buckle, Cap, Gloves, Scarf, Winter Cap, Suit, Tie

  • Fix position of some shirt icons

  • Fix various art issues with clothes


Backport features from Leonard Dressup, a commissioned game.

  • Implement Forms. These are alternate sprites for the character

  • Forms can use unique shadow sprites

  • Clothes can have separate base sprites for each form

  • Forms are unused in Pibbles Dressup

  • Create ColorClass, rather than manually input color values.

  • Refactored code to make use of new colorclass.

  • Changed ids of colors used in clothes to use strings rather than numbers.

  • Added the ability to sort colors in the color picker independent of id.

  • Clothes can now have a “hide” layer. This is a layer that goes below clothes and copies the color of the background, hiding the base character sprite

  • Fixed art of Cat Ears by using the hide layer feature

  • Added various failsafes for clothes sprites

  • Improved handling for buttons that can be disabled. Mostly unused in Pibbles Dressup

  • Buttons no longer require icons to work

  • Added the ability to color buttons themselves. Used in Color Select instead of icons

  • Added various failsafes for button sprites

  • Added new colors: Clay, Salmon

  • Added the concept of a default outfit

  • Pibbles stars the game already wearing the default outfit

  • Added a button to reset all clothes to the default outfit

  • Exe file now uses a custom icon

  • Fixed position of bottom text

  • Fixed various issues with Randomizer

  • Various other fixes and improvements

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