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New mods: Mothership Zeta Rehaul and Complere Player Home Upgrades, and additional updates

I have released two new mods, and updated two more:

  • TTW Mothership Zeta Rehaul v1.0
  • TTW Complete Player Home Upgrades v1.0
  • Updated TTW Nuka-Cola Expansion Ultimate to v4.0
  • Updated TTW Sink Recipe Overhaul to v1.4

Find them at:

Thank you for the support.

Mothership Zeta Rehaul v1.0:

  • The crashed ufo before you start the DLC will no longer forcefully teleport you to the ship, instead requiring an E press on the ship. This allows the ammo and gun to be picked up without starting the dlc, as was in the original game without dlc.
  • The Wild Wasteland encounter north of the Horowitz farmstead has been altered. The mercenaries are now enabled regardless of perk status, and so are the aliens. The ship now crashes to the group when approching the mercs, and the aliens will fight with the mercs. The aliens will use alien weapons, the captain also will use a unique model and actually use their alien blaster, though the version they use is heavily nerfed so they don’t just insta-kill you.
  • Mothership Zeta can now be started from the Mojave Wasteland. Upon entering the Mojave Wasteland for the first time, a message will display about it, and an objective will be added to your pip-boy pointing to the location in the Mojave.
  • Added optional ini setting to make the crashed ufos Wild Wasteland exclusive, which effectively locks the dlc and this mod behind that perk. Still enables the alien blaster and a few cells that were next to the Capital Wasteland ship, but that’s it.
  • Any alien equipment on you when starting the dlc will be fully repaired but moved to the weapons lab, just a few levels before the bridge battle. This includes the Alien Blaster you may have picked up.
  • Alien ammunition’s effects are now more akin to typical energy ammo effects.
  • Consistency pass over names of items and creatures, mostly adding “Alien” to the names.
  • The humans aboard mothership zeta have some of their dialog enabled more globally where fitting.
  • Alien Power Cells can now be found in Mothership Zeta, rarer than power modules.
  • Added drained alien cells - you have a small chance to get these when firing alien power cells and alien power modules.
  • Changed abbreveations: APC > PC , APM > PM
  • Added Adapted Power Cells, weaker home made power cells crafted with energy ammo and drained alien cells. Abbrev: AC
  • Alien worm food and squid food now have a value of 1.
  • Alien Epoxy and Biogel now display their effects in the pip-boy. (“Repairs Current Weapon” & “Biochemical Anomaly”)
  • TTW’s Space Gourmet challenge now only increases with food items, but completes when consuming 50 instead of 100.
  • Added Biogenic Genealogy challenge, consume 50 biogels.
  • Added Bio-Mimetic perk, unlocks when completing Biogenic Genealogy challenge. Removes negative side effects from biogel.
  • Polish pass over navmesh. Most notably - npcs can now walk on the cargo hold treadmil.
  • Added and adjusted quest objectives to help prevent confusion and to make the dlc flow a little better.
  • Added a few hallways to some levels to make backtracking easier.
  • Added a Hot Plate to the Engineering Core.
  • Various props around the ship can now be picked up as Misc Items. These are balanced around vanilla game misc items. They can be found in alien loot tables where fitting. Lots of crafting has been added for these:
    • Alien Repair Kits can be crafted with alien tools and can be used to prevent overcharged healing arches from burning out and can repair burnt out ones. It also has a few unique interactions around the ship, such as in the Robot Assembly level.
    • Drained alien cells can be restored into genuine power cells and power modules when crafted with an alien battery.
    • Upon unlocking zeta’s cryo explosives, you will be given recipes for them which uses some cooling-related items.
    • Some of these items, like Alien Clipboards, can be broken down at The Sink.
  • The cryo explosives you unlock from Zeta have been tweaked to differentiate it more from TTW’s craftable ones - given different names (“Alien Cryo Grenade”) and deal slightly more damage.
  • Upon completing the Maintenance levels, it will remain unlocked and can be explored.
  • Added more teleporter links between the Maintenance levels, the room at the end was tweaked to accommodate this.
  • The Bridge has undergone a complete overhaul:
    • You enter this level into a long hallway leading to the bridge.
    • The two rooms have been replaced with a dedicated Teleporter room and Captain’s quarters. They can be entered after the final battle.
  • Upon completing the final battle, the entire ship remains unlocked, and dialogue referencing the ship getting blocked off has been removed.
  • Added a button next to the inner-ship teleporter on The Bridge which allows you to change where the teleporter leads to after the final battle. You can key it to bring you to Biological Research, Living Quarters, Engineering Core, or Holding Cells.
  • Added an Alien Fabricator Device, a crafting station which works like Dead Money’s vending machines. Uses alien crystals as currency, you can use it to recharge alien power cells, buy weapons and equipment, return then, and upgrade the captain’s quarters.
  • From the bridge teleporter room you can change where the teleporter goes once you unlock them through various quests. Initially after the battle, it’s just the wasteland you started the dlc from. (Capital Wasteland or Mojave Wasteland)
  • Another quest will start should you enter the other wasteland after the final battle, leading you to the other crashed UFO. Upon discovering it, it unlocks that wasteland as a teleport point.
  • Added a post-dlc quest which starts if you completed Old World Blues. It walks you through salvaging components from the ship and building a teleporter in The Sink, unlocking it as a location to teleport to from the bridge, and optionally enables an upgrade to your Transportalponder to link it with the bridge’s teleporter.
  • You can scan biogel and cryo items on zeta’s bridge to unlock their recipes after the final battle if you missed them.
  • You can have Elliott Tercorien follow you around the ship after the final battle. This can help when going back to areas you never entered, allows for unlocking alien cryo weapons if you missed it the first time, and allows you to find some of his unique dialog should you have missed the chance before hand.
  • Somah will move to Canterbury Commons and Paulson will move to Goodsprings after returning to the wasteland. Their post-move dialog has been tweaked to fit better in their new location.
  • Various bugfixes, mostly to prevent console errors.

Complete Player Home Upgrades v1.0:

  • Deed to Tenpenny Tower Suite can be purchased for 2000 caps without blowing up megaton.
  • Tenpenny suite upgrades must now be purchased separately from megaton upgrades. In the vanilla game they share the same upgrade items.
  • Themes now only need to be purchased once, and are available as soon as the standard upgrades are available. A new terminal that gets placed outside of the megaton home and tenpenny suite can be used to switch between themes at no cost.
  • The scripts for Pristine Vending Machines have been edited to be more dynamic, less hard coded to expect them to be a single machine and more allow for arbatray placement. These containers are now used for upgrades in more player homes. Containers covered:
    • HD01NukaVendingMachineClean (Megaton)
    • HD02NukaVendingMachineClean (Tenpenny)
    • L38UpgradeNukaVendingMachineClean (Lucky 38)
  • Upon purchase, the Novac Motel Room changes its name to “My Motel Room” like fallout 3 player homes, and the key is now named “My Dino Dee-lite Room Key”
  • Full set of upgrades for the Novac Motel Room can be purchased from Cliff Briscoe at the Dino Bite Gift Ship.
  • Added a My First Laboratory to The Sink. No purchase necessary.
  • The Nuka-Cola Vending Machine in The Sink is now Pristine, and can be used to make Nuka-Cola Ice Cold. No purchase necessary.
  • An ini option can be enabled to convert many objects in The Sink to purchasables at the Sink CIU. This also restores a cut feature - purchasing the fridge.
  • An ini option can be enabled to make The Sink Auto Doc’s barber and cosmetic modules purchasable at the Sink CIU, and removes the ones you find in-world. The quest objectives will be updated to reflect this. This restores a cut feature where these could be purchased.
  • Renamed all upgrade items to make it more clear where the upgrade applies, and set all their weights to 0.
  • Various cental or important locations have had crafting stations placed in them:
    • Rivet City Market: Added a Hot Plate by Rivet City Supply, a shelf to place it on, and moved a few barrels.
    • Outcast Outpost (Operation Anchorage): Added Work Bench, Hot Plate, and moved a few objects.
    • Wernher’s Hideout (The Pitt): Added Work Bench, Reloading Bench, Hot Plate, and some clutter around them.
    • Haven (Ashur’s Palace) (The Pitt): Added Work Bench, Reloading Bench, and Hot Plate.
    • Engineering Core (Mothership Zeta): Added Hot Plate and moved a few objects. Automatically deletes itself if Mothership Zeta Rehaul is enabled, since it also adds one here.
    • Goodsprings: Added a BBQ Grill next to Prospector Saloon.
    • NCR Ranger Safehouse: Added Work Bench, Reloading Bench, Hot Plate, and some clutter around them.
    • Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse: Added Hot Plate and some clutter around it.
    • Followers Safehouse: Added Hot Plate and some clutter around it.
    • Caesar’s Legion Safehouse: Added Work Bench, Reloading Bench, Hot Plate, and moved a few objects.
    • Brotherhood of Steel Bunker (Dead Money): Added a Hot Plate.

Nuka-Cola Expansion Ultimate v4.0:

  • Pristine Vending Machines have been reverted to use vanilla container data, with vanilla scripts. These containers and scripts have been edited to be more dynamic, less hard coded to expect them to be a single machine and more allow for arbatray placement. This is done to help ensure automatic compatibility with mods - you can place these containers in other parts of the world without forcing this mod as a master. Containers covered:
    • HD01NukaVendingMachineClean (Megaton) - Calls Nuka-Cola ice cold interface. Recommended to use this one to place in Fallout 3 locations.
    • HD02NukaVendingMachineClean (Tenpenny) - Calls Nuka-Cola ice cold interface.
    • L38UpgradeNukaVendingMachineClean (Lucky 38) - Calls Nuka-Cola ice cold interface. Recommended to use this one to place in Fallout NV locations.
    • L38ssVendingMachine (Lucky 38) - Calls Sunset Sarsaparilla ice cold interface. Only container which can ice-cold sunset sarsaparillas.
      Because of how big of an internal structure change this is (removed records) a full version bump was issued.
  • Reverted SS Sars machine suite upgrade name change as consistency will be established by another mod.
  • Quantum Chemist is now hidden from the pip-boy.
  • Changed form id of main quest and script.
  • Renamed recipe categories for consistency. They are now “Pristine Vending Machine” ingame.
  • Recycled base-game Ice Cold Nuka-Cola recipe into liquid nitro campfire recipe, to ensure less duplicates in Extra Item Info.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum recipes now check for Quantum Chemist again instead of Nuka-Chemist. Ingame this shouldnt make a difference, because having Nuka-Chemist will also give the Quantum Chemist perk, which is hidden.
  • Nuka-Sunset can now be made ice cold at Sunset Sarsaparilla machines.

Sink Recipe Overhaul v1.4:

  • Tweaked wording of the Biological Research Station interface to clarify processing dried seeds vs other plant matter. (might not be seen usually but just in case)
  • The message box that appears when Muggy gives you electronic components is now a corner message so it no longer conflicts with its crafting menu.
  • The message box that appears when you put dried seeds into the Biological Research Station no longer conflicts with its crafting menu.
  • The message box that appears when you upgrade the Sink no longer conflicts with its crafting menu.
  • The message box that appears when you upgrade the Book Chute no longer conflicts with its crafting menu.
  • Vanilla bugfix: You can now submit Jukebox upgrades with voice modules disabled.
  • Vanilla bugfix: NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesSCRIPT: Book Chute now checks for items in the dlc’s Clipboard list to see if the player has sedition, instead of directly checking for each clipboard.
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