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Updated mods for Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3.2

  • Updated Nuka-Cola Expansion Ultimate to v4.1 for TTW 3.3.2.
  • Updated Complete Player Home Upgrades to v1.2 for TTW 3.3.2.
  • Updated Mothership Zeta Rehaul to v3.0 for TTW 3.3.2.

Thank you for the support.

Change Logs:

Nuka-Cola Expansion Ultimate v4.1:

  • Fixed conflicts/inconsistencies introduced with TTW 3.3.2:
    • Museum Authority water
    • Union Station Termianl DC water noise texture
    • County Sewer Mainline water

Complete Player Home Upgrades v1.2:

  • Removed pre-order packs from required masters.
  • Updated TTW Reputations patch.
  • Fixed conflicts/inconsistencies introduced with TTW 3.3.2:
    • Updated scritps in The Power of the Atom quest

Mothership Zeta Rehaul v3.0:

  • Removed pre-order packs from required masters.
  • Overhauled navmeshes, this time without any deletions, shouldn’t cause crashes.
  • Fake-disabled dialogue now uses GetVampire instead of GetDisabled to hide.
  • Brought forward TTW fixes to one of the support drones that didnt have records brought forward on release for some reason.
  • Removed some flags from dialogue that seemed to have been added randomly.
  • Moved conditions in a few records to make viewing conflicts easier.
  • Removed unecessary edit to Xenotech Expert perk - it’s not really a big deal that unused weapons are in its list and its better to have that than a potential conflict.
  • A tumbleweed in Goodsprings no longer gets disabled after Paulson returns to the wasteland. This prevents dirty edits.
  • The TTW alien archivist challenge now only starts once entering mothership zeta for the first time.
  • The TTW deal damage with alien weapons challenge now only starts once you aquire an alien weapon or enter mothership zeta for the first time.
  • Renamed challenge to “Biogenic Anomaly” because it reads easier.
  • Added repeatable biogel challenge “Biobsessed!” that unlocks after completing Biogenic Anomaly.
  • Added TTW’s Startencle to Biogel list. This means it now counts for the use biogel challenges.
  • Added a Startencle to Engine Core clutter near some biogel, just for some world flavor but to also give players the opportunity to see its unique model! It’s cool!
  • Fixed MZ1 quest script to use the p20DLC05AliensCanAppear global instead of checking the ini every moment.
  • Added p20DLC05AliensRequireWW global, set to 1 when the ini setting for making the dlc require wild wasteland is set to 1.
  • Fixed wild wasteland corner messages to correctly appear when the alien ships are discovered. Fixed by making it use the above mentioned global instead of a defucnt script variable.
  • Killing alien workers no longer incurs karma loss. An ini option (Gameplay:bWorkerMurderKarmaLoss) has been added to reenable karma loss if desired. Sets the global p20DLC05AlienWorkerMurderIsEvil to this value.
  • Added challenge “Friend of the Stars” which is completed if you beat the DLC without killing any alien workers.
  • Completing the Friend of the Stars challenge will make alien workers become passive and no longer run away from you.
  • Smaller alien tools like small screwdrivers and scissors are now more common in tool loot lists.
  • Added a sink upgrade to the Captain’s Quarters. Comes with a shelf.
  • Updated all patches.
  • Fixed conflicts/inconsistencies introduced with TTW 3.3.2:
    • Spacewalk and observation deck hack water + noise texture. Also added to decompression chamber since I added hack water here too.
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