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Pibbles Dressup pride themed update in the works!

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Update in progress

A pride-themed update is in the works for Pibbles Dressup! It will also include a lot of neat additions including:

  • New character
  • Backgrounds
  • Unlocks
  • Stats (just for fun!)
  • More?

The update may be released in the next month.

Why pride?

Why pride theme if it’s not this month? Because - we’re still valid! And it’s fun! And also… because I ended up not being able to finish it this month. I’m just having too much fun adding things here and there in my off time to this game.


Here’s some in-dev screenshots to pique your interest:

  • Crispy the Cat! He’s wearing the big tail bow:

Crispy the Cat

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  • Spamming the random button as of a day ago:

Random spam

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  • Early screenshot with the first new background:


  • Some cute outfits:

What should he wear?

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Post some suggestions at any of the above links for new clothing options! I’m sure Pibbles would love to try some more things on.

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