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Pibbles Dressup v2.0 Pride Update!

Pibbles Dressup has been updated to v2.0. Find it at:

Thank you for the support.

Change Log:

v2.0: Pride Update!

  • Reorganized internal folder structure for clothes and icons.

  • Updated art: Suit, Tie, Scarf.

  • Added new clothes: Deal With It, Rainbow Bracelet, Minidress, Miniskirt, Short Dress, Underwear, Stiped Underwear, Striped Top, Jacket, Flower Chest Pin, Rainbow Socks, Rainbow Arm Warmers, Non-Binary Flag Socks, Non-Binary Flag Arm Warmers, Trans Flag Sweater, Femboy Flag Crop Top, High Top Sneakers, Rainbow Stripe Shorts, Shiny Eyelids, Colored Eyelids, Fanny Pack

  • Added new faces: Tongue, :3

  • Added stats system. Most pieces of clothing add stats now. Pibbles has inherent cuteness of 1.

  • Forms are now made up of many layers which get hidden based on clothing options.

  • Added Crispy form. They have an inherent softness of 1.

  • Added secondary form color system to color forms.

  • Added purple form color.

  • Added unlocks system. You can unlock stuff by reaching certain stat milestones, or other quirky methods.

  • Items which haven’t been unlocked are grayed out.

  • Added a new page which displays all unlockables.

  • Added proper backgrounds system instead of relying on colors.

  • Added backgrounds: Desk Top, Pink, Field, BSOD, Flowers, Progress

  • Added a button and a keybind that lets you hide the buttons and the hud.

  • The game is now much more keyboard aware. Various buttons have been assigned keys. For example, number keys will open associated pages.

  • Added debug commands: f1 unlocks everything, f2 locks everything, f3 applies a test background.

  • Button icons now get lowered slightly when clicking, to visually indicate they’re being pressed.

  • Lots of undocumented bugfixes and visual tweaks.

Q: But isn’t it too late for a pride update?
A: No!

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