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Wild Wasteland content in Nuka-Cola Expansion Ultimate

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A Wild Wasteland encounter is placed north-east of the Crimson Caravan Company, by the Mole rat ranch.

The note

There is a note on the table, which reads:

I took one sip of this garbage and spilled my guts. What’s in this stuff? I paid a fortune on this shit!

Next time, don’t believe anyone who says there’s new Nuka-Cola flavors. Should’ve been obvious they aren’t producing more.

Yellow Nuka-Cola

Yellow Nuka-Cola is a joke item, based on the item found in Fallout: Tactics. It acts as a poison which lightly damages enemies and causes any attacks dealt to them to crit. Like any other poison in the game, you can apply it to melee weapons. Like other poisons in Tale of Two Wastelands, it can even be applied to darts.

As you can probably guess, it’s just a bottle of piss.

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