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Nuka-Cola Expansion Ultimate 3.0 Update

Nuka-Cola Expansion Ultimate has been updated to 3.0. Find it at:

Thank you for the support.

Change Log:


  • Updated for TTW 3.3, bringing forward some fixes from TTW’s update and removing some now-redundant records, including those referencing an interior space which was removed, and updating some new stuff to be consistent with TTW’s changes.
  • TTW added a recipe for Quantum Chemist to craft 10 Ice Cold Nuka-Colas into a Quantum. This has been changed in the same way the recipe without ice-cold colas was:
    • This is now a Nuka-Chemist recipe.
    • Lowered Ice-Cold colas required from 10 to 3.
    • Additional ingredients are now required.
    • The recipe now crafts an Ice-Cold quantum.
  • Changed editor ids of most recipes added by Nuka-Cola Expansion Ultimate - this is to make things more organized and sort better.
  • Added missing Ice Cold Nuka-Sunset recipe for Nitrogen crafting.
  • Added Nuka-Chemist recipes to craft Ice Cold colas directly.
  • Ice Cold Nuka-Cola Wild vending machine recipe is now hidden until you start the New Vegas questline, like the other Mojave colas.
  • Mojave vending machine cola recipes are now revealed if the player has the Nuka-Chemist perk, as an alternate to if the player started New Vegas or if they have the colas in their inventory.
  • Fixed Nuka-Cola Yellow poison not being applied to weapons.
  • Updated functionality of Dart, Nuka-Cola Yellow to be consistent with TTW 3.3’s updates to poisoned darts.
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