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Leonard Dressup 1.2 Update

Leonard Dressup has been updated to 1.2. Find it at:

Thank you for the support.

Change Log:


  • Updated internal libraries.

  • Reorganized internal code structure.

  • Removed unused and unecessary x/y offsets from FormClass.

  • Implement Faces. These are alternate sprites for the character’s face.

  • Faces are displayed over the form sprite, and can be changed separately from them.

  • Added Special Page.

  • Buttons for each individual form and face is put here, instead of in the top bar.

  • Moved Clear, Reset, and Random buttons to this page.

  • Leonard: Added new clothes of a certain theme.

  • Leonard: Changed accessories page icon.

  • Leonard: Added Smile and Blush faces, and changed the default face from Neutral to Smile.

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