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Voracious Reader Recipes

Changes Voracious Reader to unlock recipes rather than forcefully convert books.
✍️Current version: v1.0 · 
DLC Required: Lonesome Road

This mod prevents the Voracious Reader gamemode loop from running (without editing the dlc04 perks script) and instead adds a bunch of Workbench crafting recipes that fulfill the same purpose, giving the player full control over when, what, and how many of each type of ruined book they want to craft blank magazines with.

In addition, many conditions and dummy recipes have been added to keep the workbench menu visually clean. If you don’t have any books, only a single recipe will remain that lets you know that you can craft using ruined books. Same for skill magazines.

The recipes to craft the skill magazines have also had a name change to be more consistent with OWB’s skill book recipe naming convention.

Requires Lonesome Road, compatible with Tale of Two Wastelands.

If TTW is loaded, the recipe to convert the blank magazines back into books will be reverted to require just 1, but will also be changed to create a burned book instead of a pre-war book.

Requirements (Fallout: New Vegas)
Requirements (Tale of Two Wastelands)
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