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Strip and Freeside Map Markers

Adds map markers to the strip and freeside while properly handling game interactions, such as moving NPCs in the strip.
✍️Current version: v2.1 ·   · 
Also made or contributed to by: trooper

I’ve noticed that most mods which add map markers to the strip do so without accounting for stuff like NPCs moving between the sections. Using JIP LN’s SetOnFastTravelEventHandler, I’ve properly handled interactions in Old Mormon Fort and The Strip.

  • The gate into Old Mormon Fort handles stuff with Orris, so map markers inside would lead to bugs with him. This mod uses the event handler to perform these functions when you travel to this map marker.
  • The gates in The Strip move npcs around, and update their AI, among other things, so map markers would leave you with desolate areas sometimes or nps with glitchy ai. This mod uses the event handler to properly move the NPCs and everything the gates do upon traveling to map markers within The Strip.

Full list of locations marked:

  • King’s School of Impersonation
  • Silver Rush
  • Atomic Wrangler
  • Mick & Ralph’s
  • Cerulean Robotics
  • Old Mormon Fort
  • Lucky 38
  • Gomorrah
  • Monorail Station
  • The Tops
  • Ultra-Luxe
  • Vault 21 Gift Shop
  • Michael Angelo’s
  • NCR Embassy

Additionally, an optional patch has been provided to reduce the map markers down to the most quest-important ones. This will reduce pip-boy clutter but hopefully retain usefulness:

  • King’s School of Impersonation (There’s a lot of kings quests and skips a map transition to the second freeside area)
  • Old Mormon Fort (Lots of followers quests, skips map transition)
  • Lucky 38 (Mr house, skips to north strip segment)
  • The Tops (Yes Man, Benny quest, skips to middle strip segment)
  • NCR Embassy (Ambassador Crocker, skips to south strip segment)

Requirements (Tale of Two Wastelands)
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This work is Public Domain, and use of this mod falls back to the game's EULA.
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This was also made or contributed to by: trooper