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Sierra Madre Vending Machine Quest

Adds a small quest to Old World Blues which unlocks a Sierra Madre Vending Machine.
✍️Current version: v2.1 ·   · 
DLC Required: Dead Money, Old World Blues

Adds a new quest “Earl Grey, Hot” which starts after completing the Dead Money DLC and after Old World Blues’ Field Research quest (the last collection quest where you get jukebox upgrades and dried seeds) which directs you to the Y-0 terminal where you can download Sierra Madre Vending Machine blueprints. You present it to the Sink CIU to construct it and it gets placed right by the SS and Nuka vending machines in The Sink.

An ini option exists to make the quest not require Dead Money completion to start, if desired, although the blueprints can always be found regardless of the quest’s active state.

Though not required, this mod was made to be consistent with an idea introduced in my Mothership Zeta Rehaul mod - blueprints you give to the Sink CIU. It’s very similar to the Teleporter blueprint from that mod.

Requirements (Fallout: New Vegas)
Requirements (Tale of Two Wastelands)
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