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Extra Scattered Preorder Items

Distributes some extra preorder items throughout the wasteland which typically don't get distributed by other placement mods.
✍️Current version: v2.0 ·   · 
DLC Required: cs

This is a simple lightweight mod that places some extra items in the world which some other preorder pack placement mods do not tend to cover, like the repair kits, doctor’s bags, stimpaks, throwing spears, venoms, and more.

You are meant to use this with one of these mods: Delay DLC Redux (one of its preorder pack placement files), SawyerBatty FNV, SawyerBatty TTW, JSawyer, or other mods that distribute the preorder pack items.

Note that for the TTW location of the Tribal pack I have placed Deathclaw Poison instead of Bleak Venom.

Locations aren’t listed here to limit spoilers. The images have descriptions that reveal them, if desired.

Requirements (Fallout: New Vegas)
Requirements (Tale of Two Wastelands)
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This work is Public Domain, and use of this mod falls back to the game's EULA.
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