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Cut Content - Rivet City Science Lab Hangar Door

TTW conversion of a mod that restores a hangar door leading to outside Rivet City's science lab.
✍️Current version: v1.0 · 
Mod conversion. Originally created by: concit

A TTW conversion of a cut content mod by concit.
The mod has open permissions, but I contacted them anyway and they gave me approval.

This restores a hangar door in Rivet City’s Science Lab which links to a small walkable area on the outside of the ship.

Aside from applying proper TTW conversion methods, undeleting records, and removing ITMs, I’ve made the following changes and additions:

  • Added proper navmesh to the outdoor area.
  • Refinalized navmeshes to link the new doors.
  • Marked as an ESM.

A word of warning though, there is absolutely nothing in that area outside the ship. I have tagged this as a modder’s resource for this reason. Feel free to use this as a base or requirement and make a mod that would put something there. An idea I had was to put some pear and apple tree pickables here to explain why they have them in the lab, but anything should go. There’s also a vent on the side of the ship that you can climb up from here to get on top of the ship, but this area is normally out of bounds, but if it’s fixed and cleaned up it could make for a very cool secret area, you could put a book or other special loot there or something.

Original mod’s description:

Fallout 3 has two unused hangar doors that were to be used to get inside/outside Rivet City’s Science Lab. In the base game they are just

The idea came from this video. (48:20)

The UI in the screenshots comes from Vanilla UI Plus.


DOOR: RCRmLgDoor01 - removed Close Sound to prevent it from playing twice
DOOR: RCRmLgDoor02 - changed name from “Door” to “Hangar Door”
SNDD: DRSRivetCityHangar2DOpen - Turned off 2D Radius to work properly when changing cells
CELL: RCHangarDeckAft “Science Lab” - Added the RCRmLgDoor01 leading to the unused RCRmLgDoor02 outside Rivet City

Requirements (Tale of Two Wastelands)
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This work is Public Domain, and use of this mod falls back to the game's EULA.
See an explanation of what this means on ModPub.

This mod was originally created by: concit