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TTW - Misc Item & Crafting Tweaks v1.6


Tweaks the names and other features of many items for sorting and consistency sake and adds some more crafting recipes. Changes will be listed by ini setting, set these to 0 to disable them.


Item Names

Changes food items prefixed with Ice Cold to suffixes, like “Ice Cold Nuka-Cola” to “Nuka-Cola, Ice Cold”

  • Affects all aid items, including those from mods.

Changes food items prefixed with Irradiated to suffixes, like “Irradiated Sunset Sarsaparilla” to “Sunset Sarsaparilla, Irradiated”

  • Affects all aid items, including those from mods.

Removes Fresh prefix from food items, like “Fresh Apple” to “Apple”

  • Fresh Apple > Apple
  • Fresh Pear > Pear
  • Fresh Carrot > Carrot
  • Fresh Potato > Potato


  • Wild Punga Fruit > Punga Fruit
  • Refined Punga Fruit > Punga Fruit, Refined

Name change to match the Fallout 4 item.

  • Glowing Mushroom > Glowing Fungus


  • Pot > Large Metal Pot


  • Ceramic Dinner Plate > Ceramic Plate


  • New Medical Brace > Medical Brace, New
    This item isn’t used by anything, and feels like just a leftover test item to me, and uses the same model as the regular version. The single placement in fallout 3 feels like a mistake to me.


  • Butter Knife > Metal Butter Knife
    The plastic one has been left alone.


  • Milk Bottle > Empty Milk Bottle


  • Pre-War Toaster > Toaster
  • Post-War Toaster > Toaster, Ruined


  • Small Burned Book > Ruined Book, Small Burned
  • Small Ruined Book > Ruined Book, Small
  • Small Scorched Book > Ruined Book, Small Scorched
  • Small Destroyed Book > Ruined Book, Small Destroyed
  • Large Burned Book > Ruined Book, Large Burned
  • Large Ruined Book > Ruined Book, Large
  • Large Scorched Book > Ruined Book, Large Scorched
  • Large Destroyed Book > Ruined Book, Large Destroyed


  • Pre-War Book > Pre-War Book, Small Teal
  • Pre-War Book > Pre-War Book, Small Black
  • Pre-War Book > Pre-War Book, Small Brown
  • Pre-War Book > Pre-War Book, Small Blue
  • Pre-War Book > Pre-War Book, Large Teal
  • Pre-War Book > Pre-War Book, Large Black
  • Pre-War Book > Pre-War Book, Large Brown
  • Pre-War Book > Pre-War Book, Large Blue


  • Triangle > Pool Triangle

Adds a “Book, " prefix to all skill book names

  • Affects all book aid items, including those from mods. (they are a specific record type)

Adds a “Magazine, " prefix to all skill magazine names

  • Affects all base-game New Vegas magazine items via list

Adds a “Mod, " prefix to all weapon mod names

  • Affects all weapon mod items, including those from mods. (they are a specific record type)

Adds a “Card, " prefix to all caravan cards

  • Affects all caravan card items, including those from mods. (they are a specific record type)

Adds a “Poker Chip, " prefix to all poker chips, and removes “Chip” from the end of their names (example “Poker Chip, The Tops”)

  • Affects all poker chip items, including those from mods. (they are a specific record type)

Adds an “NCR Money, " prefix to all NCR dollars.

  • Affects all currency items with " NCR” in the name (including the space)

Adds a hidden symbol to the start of the names of currency items to sort them to the top of inventory lists.

  • Affects all currency items, including those from mods. (they are a specific record type)
  • Also affects specific Bottle Cap items.

Adds a “Poison, " prefix to all poisons

  • Affects all aid items which the game considers to be poisons, including those from mods. (the game checks certain effect variables)

Changes instances of " (Fresh)” in item names with “, Fresh”.

  • Only really affects items added by A World of Pain for Fallout 3, items in the base game don’t do this.

Non-optional changes
The moonshine from Point Lookout has been given a unique name.

  • Moonshine > Bog Moonshine


Adds recipes to the three main crafting stations that allows you to unbend tin cans.

Sets all recipes with “[Return]” in their name to a new Return subcategory.

  • This also affects recipes from mods, as long as they have “[Return]” in the name.

Sets all recipes which craft poisons to a new Poisons subcategory.

  • Affects all recipes in the game which craft items the game considers to be poisons, including those added by mods.

Enables sierra madre vending machine return options for businesswear, some more hats, and sexy sleepwear.

  • Automatically disabled if DeadMoneyMissingReturnOptions or DLC Enhancements is enabled.

Adds a return option for singular cigarettes.

  • Automatically disabled if DeadMoneyMissingReturnOptions is enabled.

Enables a recipe for Ultrajet which gets unlocked if Murphy successfully crafts one himself. This means you’ll have to give him some sugar bombs first before you unlock it for yourself.

Non-optional changes

  • The Meals-to-metal recipe now uses the metal butter knife instead of the plastic one in its ingredients.
  • Voracious Reader no longer force-converts ruined books, instead enabling new workbench recipes to craft them into blank magazines.
  • Added recipes to craft Blank Magazines into Blank Books and back, if Old World Blues has been started.
  • Reverted TTW’s change to the blank magazine to book recipe, so it only costs 1 magazine to craft, BUT made it craft a ruined book instead of a pre-war book.
  • Added Steamed Lakelurk and a recipe to craft it.
  • All recipes which use Mojave exclusive items are now conditioned to be hidden until you first go to the Mojave (or if you have one of the items)
  • Nukalurk related recipes are now hidden until you first acquire nukalurk meat.
  • Added dead money return recipes for DC non-dirty pre-war clothing items, and tweaked names.

Gameplay Tweaks

Sets the pots value to 1 bottle cap instead of 0.

Non-optional changes

  • In-world “new medical brace” items have been replaced with standard vanilla medical braces.
  • In-world Point Lookout moonshine has been replaced with standard moonshine where it wouldnt make sense that someone could have put one there trading with Marguerite. This is an attempt to establish Bog Moonshine as a unique variant of Moonshine, and not an accidental duplicate.
  • Point Lookout “bog moonshine” now cures a minor amount of radiation, and has an improved radiation cure with punga power. This is to make it more unique from vanilla new vegas moonshine. I thought it made sense, punga is used to craft it.
  • Some in-world static objects have been replaced with proper misc items. This affects a lot of pots and some coffee mugs.

Last update: v1.6
Requires Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3.2

I tried to make sure this was very compatible, most changes are scripted. Though unfortunately functions which modify recipes are limited - due to a lot of hard edits to recipe records, mods which edit some base game recipes may conflict.

I do not recommend using this mod with item name sorter mods unless its changes aren’t very interfering (like say, adding a [bracketed prefix] or sorting based on icon)
Even if you do pick one, it’s not an experience I personally prefer, sorting via item name (like Card, or Mod, or Magazine,) has been very comfortable to play with without feeling out of place, and is actually consistent with the base game considering gun casings are prefixed this way.



  • Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3.2


Download v1.6

Installation Instructions

Install this like a typical Fallout: New Vegas mod.
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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • Do not reupload this mod to external sites without permission.
  • Do not release standalone modified versions of this mod without permission.
  • Patches which modify this mod but do not include it are OK.
  • Do not include this mod in Modpacks, a compilation of many mods that can be installed with a singular download.
  • Listing this mod in Modlists, a list of many mods that link to their original source, are OK.
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