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More Dye Recipes v1.1


This datapack adds many more ways to craft dyes, which makes obtaining them a lot less of a chore. I tried to add recipes which made sense and would fit in the vanilla game well, but focus is on making some dyes I found to be annoying to get in my last playthrough easier to obtain.

Crafting recipes:

  • Flowering Azalea Leaves > Magenta Dye
  • Popped Chorus Fruit > Magenta Dye
  • Flowering Azalea > Magenta Dye
  • Orange Dye + Black Dye > Brown Dye x2
  • Dried Kelp > Green Dye
  • Amethyst Shard > Purple Dye
  • Spore Blossom > Pink Dye
  • Book + Feather + Black Dye > Writable Book

Smelting recipes:

  • Moss Block > Green Dye
  • Sweet Berries > Red Dye



  • Minecraft 1.19.2. Later versions may work, but hasn’t been tested yet.


Download v1.0

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