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More Freeside Passages

Makes Freeside less linear and more open-ended by adding paths and interiors between areas.
✍️Current version: v3.1 ·   · 

This mod opens up some areas in Freeside, with the goal in mind to try to make Freeside feel less linear, and make it a more open-ended gameplay area.

New content:

  • 2 new interiors, with 5 new doors linking them to the worldspaces.
  • 1 new junk gate linking the worldspaces, by Cerulean Robotics.
  • 2 new doors to existing interiors, each acting as a bridge between the two worldspaces.
  • 2 opened ruined buildings in the strip gate worldspace.
  • 3 cleared rubble paths in the freeside north worldspace.

New and opened areas have been decorated with generic npcs, clutter, and loot. I aimed to make the areas feel like vanilla game areas.

3 of the doorways added by this mod are locked:

  • The back alley way entrance of the new ruined store interior is a key-only lock, and it is held by the thug in the alley way that you talk to, and also contained in the desk at the back in the store.
  • The alley way entrance to The King’s School of Impersonation is a key-only lock, and is held by The King. You can pickpocket it off of him, loot it from his body, or retrieve it once he decides he owes you a favor. (done through quests)
  • The lobby entrance to Cerulean Robotics is a Hard lock. If you don’t have the skill level for it, you can find the key inside on a table.

A very crude diagram of the passages:
Red = Where the two worldspaces split.
Cyan = passages in the base game.
Green = new passages added by this mod.
Yellow = Newly opened spaces.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, this is mostly stuff I’ve tested myself or can be absolutely sure of.

Fully or nearly fully compatible, no issues:

  • Strip and Freeside Map Markers - No conflicts, fully compatible.
  • Mojave NPCs - No conflicts or known odd interactions. Complements this mod well.
  • New Vegas Bounties I LE - No conflicts.
  • New Vegas Killer LE - No conflicts.
  • Silver Rush Roof Expanded - No conflicts or known odd interactions. Complements this mod well.
  • NV Interiors Remastered - No conflicts. Don’t know about the original version.
  • A World of (Less) Pain - No conflicts. Don’t know about the original version.
  • MoreMojave - No conflicts.
  • Prerelease Restored - No conflicts or known odd interactions. Complements this mod well.

Requires Patch

  • Tale of Two Wastelands - No conflicts, but a patch exists for a more complete experience that adds navmeshing, another entrance to Union Station, and some better kitpieces for the new interiors.
  • Uncut Wasteland - Slight z-fighting and clipping in the alleyway. Fixed by the patch in the files tab. NOT REQUIRED IF YOU’RE USING THE VERSION FROM WASTELAND SURVIVAL GUIDE.
  • Functional Post Game Ending - The patch in the files tab makes the mod reactive to endings which enable Mr. House’s construction efforts, endings which remove the thugs, and endings that kill the Kings.

NOT COMPATIBLE or redundant

  • Frank’s Freeside Bar and Clinic - Conflicts with the ruined store cell, because it uses the same door in the alleyway.
  • Open Freeside mods - This mod was made with the worldspace split in mind, the doors added lead to the secondary worldspace. Not compatible.

Requirements (Tale of Two Wastelands)
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