Fallout 3

These are mods that are compatible with Fallout 3.

Simple Deathclaw Meat
✍️Current version: v1.0.1 ·
Integrates Deathclaw Meat into the game with some craftables.
Simple Mirelurk Eggs and Items
DLC Required: Point Lookout
✍️Current version: v1.0.1 ·
Adds Mirelurk Eggs to the game. With TTW, also adds Steamed Lakelurk and tweaks the original items.
Statics to Vanilla Items
✍️Current version: v1.0.1 ·
Replaces many static objects in the game with vanilla items. Doesn't add any new items.
Misc Item and Crafting Tweaks
✍️Current version: v2.1 ·
Tweaks to items, recipes, and reorganizes the FNV crafting menu.