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Snowshovel v1.0

snowshovel v1.0 - Updated: March 3, 2023


Made for Mini Jame Gam #15

You play as a little guy who shovels up dynamically accumulating snow in a simple pixel art style.

I made this in two days after 8 hour long shifts.

Made with Love(2d)

Due to some technical differences love.js has compared to natively running the game and to ensure things run smoothly, there are a few minor differences in the web embed version compared to the initial game jam release:

  • All unused sprites and unused parts of sprites have been removed, to reduce file size.
  • All sprites have been compressed, to reduce file size.
  • All audio files have been compressed, to reduce file size.
  • Audio is no longer streamed, since that doesn’t work in love.js.
  • The sky is now a sprite instead of generated in the code. The gradient didn’t work in love.js.
  • Added a semi-transparent “web embed version” note at the bottom left.

Some web embed / love.js bugs I am aware of that I can’t seem to figure out right now:

  • The game takes longer to load because the music is no longer streamed. I tried to mitigate this with compression, but it’s still kind of bad.
  • The game lags much than the exe version. Especially noticeable when a level with a lot of pre-placed snow loads.
  • There is a bug that can happen where the player spawns in snow.

The exe download remains unchanged and doesn’t have these bugs. These changes shouldn’t make the game play any differently than the version uploaded during the jam, so you’ll still get a fairly accurate experience, just slightly laggier and buggier if you go nuts with exploring the infinite worlds.

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Download v1.0 for Windows 32-Bit
Download v1.0 for Windows 64-Bit (recommended)


Made with LÖVE
Web version was packaged using LÖVE Web Builder
gradient library from
sounds from
music from (frequency of sleep meditation)
My partner came up with the initial basic idea: “a small game about shoveling the snow out of the way of a cabin that was snowed in so you can be with your lover”


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • This game was made using LÖVE, a free and open source framework.
  • Do not reupload this game to external sites without permission.
  • Do not release standalone modified versions of this game without permission.
  • Modifications which alter the game but do not include it themselves are OK.
  • Linking to this game on external sites, without actually including it in said site is OK.
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